Top Paid To Click Sites


The best paid to click program. Instant payments via PayPal, Payza, Neteller.


Lots of advertisements daily. Pays via Paypal, Payza, Paytoo.


Low minimum payout. Pays via Paypal & Payza.


Stable site. Pays via Paypal & Payza.


Running successfully. Payouts via PayPal and Payza.


Another great site with PTC evolution script. Payments via PayPal.


What is a PTC site?

A PTC (Paid to Click) site is a website which allows its members to earn money by clicking advertisement links displayed in the site and viewing the ads for few seconds. To earn money you need to become a member by Signing Up into the site.

How does a Paid to click site work?
A PTC site will get money by advertising other websites in it. And the Paid to click site will give some money to its members if they view this advertisement. To understand this clearly, suppose a sponsor has a website and he wants other online users to know about his site. He then advertises his website in a PTC site for some money. Now the PTC site will show a link of that website. A member of PTC site can click this advertisement. Upon viewing the ad the member will gain some money.

Which are the top PTC sites?
There are lots of PTC sites on web. But most of them are not worth your time. Check out the top sites I have mentioned earlier in this page.

How can I get the money which I earned from the PTC site?
You can receive your earning to a payment processor (for example, Paypal, Payza etc.) when your income has reached a certain minimum amount (usually ranges from $0.5 to $10).

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